Online dating certainly carries a certain amount of risk if you are not careful. Not everyone has the same intentions as you, and as such you should be very careful about giving away personal information about yourself until such time that you are quite happy that you know enough about the person that you have connected with online.

If you do decide to meet someone that you met online, it is a good idea to meet in a very public place and let a few of your friends know who and where you are meeting. If your online suitor insists on meeting you in a remote or isolated place, this should raise a red flag – don’t do it! You have the right to be safe, and public places generally provide this safety. If you go to a bar or pub, it is a good idea to buy your own drinks (or watch your drink being poured), and never leave your drink unattended – this is more of a general rule rather than a rule that is specific to online dating.

Overall, online dating is a very successful platform to similar or liked minded people for you to connect with. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, you should back off. Trust your instincts and remember that your personal information is yours and you have the right to keep it to yourself. Most of this is common sense, but sometimes common sense can be overridden by the excitement of a date or meeting up with someone. Be cautious, apply common sense and enjoy your online dating experience.