Getting started with online dating is very easy. Firstly, you just need to register for free on our general dating site, or choose one of our niche sites that might be more to your liking and move forward from there.

Set up your online dating profile and be as honest as you can be when answering the questions. If you are not honest, the chances of you finding your perfect match online are not good. Honesty will result in positive hits from people who are interested in you for who you are and not based on lies or inaccurate profile information. It is not a good idea to give away any personal contact information or location information initially – get to know someone online before you decide to contact them outside of the safety of the online dating platform. Choose a ‘real’ and recent profile picture. Whilst most people wish they were a little prettier (or more handsome in the male case) or taller, or younger, or older, it is important to portray who you are and not who you wish you were. If you are not honest with your profile picture, it will come back to bite you when you finally decide to meet up in person with someone that you have connect with online and you are not what they are expecting – it could make for a very uncomfortable first date, and probably your last date with that person as they will feel like they cannot trust you going forward.

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